Clean In Place CIP System CIP Skid


CIP Cleaning In Place System

CIP Cleaning In Place Station Introduction

CIP system is one of the prerequisites of food pharmacy production sanitary standards. it can remove the active mixed pollution and insoluble particles of impurity, reduce or remove the micro chemicals and heat source that pollute the productions. GMP requires CIP system in food and pharmacy industry, which limits related industries because the high expense in overseas completely automatically CIP System. The specialists in our company import and digest international advanced technique, and successfully make automatically CIP system with high automation, simple operation, and reasonable price.


CIP Station Performance Characteristic

1. Flexibility and General Usage The system can undertake single process such as acid cleaning, alkali cleaning, and hot water cleaning, cleaning according to the cleaning process designed. Besides, it can control the growing of micro chemicals. semi-automatic or full automatic equipment can be made to order.

2. Economics and High Efficiency The equipment greatly reduces the cleaning time an increase the work efficiency compared with cleaning by hand; the use of cleaning liquid and water is more reasonable; meanwhile steam cost id relatively small, so to make full use of energy, and reduce the cleaning cost.

3. Safety and Reliance Dense acid liquid and alkali liquid are in the berried acerbity pot and alkali pot, the liquid position is automatically controlled, fixed with overflow protecting system; and unique material outlet construction can stop crystallization from the cleaning liquid to stop the pipe.

4. Matured Plc Controlling System Years of experience accumulation enhances he programs. Imported qualified controlling part can keep the system operate steadily for a long time; friendly interface between people and machine shortens the training time of the operators, and shows directly work condition of key parts of the machine; easily understandable interface can cooperate the operator the make decision, and deal with the common problems, so to ensure the machine return to work in time.

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