Multifunction Extraction Tank|Multifunctional Extractor


Multifunction Extraction Tank

Stainless Steel Extraction Tank Application 

This equipment meets the extraction of many materials including plant, herb, flower, leaves, wood; Extracting out effective ingredients, applying in the pharmaceutical, biological, beverage, food, chemical, and other industries. The operation, especially the use of dynamic extraction or countercurrent extraction, has better results, shorter time, and more liquid content. There are different types and different shapes of extraction tanks for various purposes.


Extraction Tank Fitting and Accessories

The tank is equipped with CIP cleaning spray ball, temperature gauge, sight light, sight glass, quick-opening loading port, etc. to ensure easy operation and comply with GMP standards. The manufacturing material of the tank equipment is 304 and 316L.

Filtering methods: the filtering device can be installed on the side of the barrel or at the bottom of the slagging door. For the viscous material that is difficult to filter out, the tank side filtering method is adopted. In this way, there is no big pressure on accumulated material, so easier to screen residue and liquid. For easy flow liquid, we can use the bottom filter where adopts two layers, the upper stainless steel screen, and the lower support net.

♦ Thermometer (mechanical pin type or digital type)
♦ Gauges/meters (vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, flowmeter, PH tester and etc.)
♦ Sight glasses (regular, pressured type, with led light type)
♦ Manhole/hand hole
♦ Inlet/outlet (number, size, the position can be customized)
♦ CIP cleaning ball (180°, 360° rotating spray clean)
♦ Sanitary valves (ball valve, butterfly valves, safety valves, regulation valves, diaphragm valves to be chosen as per materials)
♦ Other requirements are open to inquiries.

Extraction Tank Parameter

Size: 10L-5000L or even bigger range to be tailor-made.

Pressure: upon user’s requirement, -0.09mpa~1mpa or even higher.

Temperature: -40℃~160℃ upon the user’s requirement.

Manufacture Standards

Manufacturing conforms to GB150-2011 the national pressure vessel standard of China.
Welding conforms to NB/T 47003.1-2009 steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel standard of China.
Outside of China, Extra certificates such as ASME, CE are available upon request.

Manufacture Material
Inner liner contacting material: 304/316L optional
Insulation: PU or rock wool (to insulate inside/outside heat transfer)
Cladding/outer layer: 304

Surface Finish:
Inside tank/vessel/reactor/kettle is mirror well-polished to 0.3μm.
Outside tank/vessel/reactor/kettle can be mirror polish, matte polish.


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