About Us

Ifluidtec, your reliable supplier for the Herbal Extraction Machine to meet all kinds of herb extraction and oil extraction purposes. We develop products ranging from regular ethanol/alcohol extraction machinelow-temperature extraction machine to high-pressure critical extraction machine(either subcritical butane extractor or supercritical co2 extractor). Widely used in food, nutrients and pharmaceutical industries.

Our complete line of Herb Oil Extraction Production Line including extraction tank, evaporation/ concentration tank, separation tank, storage tank, condenser, recycle tank, filter valves, pipes and etc., with software control for heating system, agitating system, vacuum control system, PID temperature system, circulation system, recycling system and etc., Auxiliary supports like ultrasonic, entainer to speed up the extraction process.

To follow the trends of the market, Cannabis CBD Oil& Marijuana Hemp Extraction& Distillation Equipment is introduced based on conventional herb extraction experiences.

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  • Technician team full of extraction, concentration, evaporation and distillation experience in design.
  • Manufacture team working under high standard requirement.
  • Installation team to serve in Chinese domestic and foreign countries.

Expertise to design and plan your material process projects on pilot and large production scales!

– The Ifluidtec Business –



Design Service

Our expertise design and program project according to user’s production process, factory layout, facility, production capacity and etc.

Drawing Service

Prepare tanks equipment with 3D drawing and CAD version, as well as piping layout for buyers to confirm.

Inspection Service

After the production is completed, the quality inspection is arranged for a comprehensive acceptance, and detailed experimental acceptance data are available for review.

User’s Side Service

After the equipment enters the buyer’s factory, we will send professional engineers to commission, install and train on site.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

– The Ifluidtec Business –