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Ifluidtec is a Herbal Extraction Machine manufacturer and supplier to meet all kinds of plant extracts and oil extraction purposes. We develop products ranging from regular ethanol/alcohol extraction machines, low-temperature extraction machines to high-pressure critical extraction machines(subcritical butane extractor and supercritical co2 extractor) for food, nutrients, and pharmaceutical degrees. Oil Extraction Production Line including extraction tank, evaporation tank, concentration tank, separation tank, storage tank, condenser, recycle tank, sanitary filter, sanitary valves, pipes and etc., with software control for heating system, agitating system, vacuum control system, PID temperature system, circulation system, recycling system and etc., Auxiliary supports like ultrasonic, entainer to speed up the extraction process. To follow the trends of the market, Cannabis CBD Oil& Marijuana Hemp Extraction& Distillation Devices…Read More!


Modular System

Modular Material Preparation system solution in pharmaceutical liquid system is based on 3D design for a better predict of potential risks and failure. Modular Preparation System helps reducing cost, easing assembly and shortening lead time, also benefits in quality control to meet FAT requirement.

Individual Tank

Individual Tank vessel kettle or reactor is the same thing to be customized to replace user’s current old devices or to meet the needs of expanding production. Either made upon drawing provided or factory design for user to approve.

Sanitary Spare Parts

All filters and parts on pharmaceutical or food degree devices are sanitary type. Joysun always keep stock of spare parts for equipment made by us. Spare parts for tanks, electrical control not from us is also available. We have a wide range.

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Expertise in Extraction

Based on our years of manufacturing in processing equipment; practice and improvement in fluid process and extraction industries, we are able to provide buyers with reasonable suggestions. Besides considering the feasibility of a plant project, we also perfect the workflow to reducing labor strength, less consumption, more automation operation and control.

bioreactor modular skid

Modular System Design

Currently, our extraction and process equipment apply ‘modular system design’ for the reason of easier installation and less piping works when the equipment arrives at the user’s sites. The modular system means the processing equipment has connections for water, air, steam and electricity ready, so the user can just have each connection linked together. Then whole system is ready to use.


Wide application Range

Wide range of process equipment such as vacuum low-temperature belt dryer, fermentation vessel system, evaporation and concentration equipment, extraction equipment, separation, crystallization equipment, filtration equipment. We can provide users with process design, equipment design, engineering installation.

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