Welcome to Become our Worldwide Agency

Professional proficient and experienced sales agency are welcomed to be become our agency, distributor and foreign partners.
  1. Help us promote pharmaceutical machine sales worldwide.
  2. Build mutual reputation via OEM/ODM or under our brand.
  3. Enlarge mutual sales scope.
  4. Provide our overseas user with on-site service, translation service, guidance and other support.
  5. Mutual benefit and profits.
  • Ifluidtec provides full support for our end user and sales agency during the whole project.
  • Initiate project by offering questionnaires, basic information to decide the feasibility of the project and advice upon.
  • Once project established, we will provide general workflow, PID and budget to our agency or end user.
  • Improvement will be suggested with the revisions of ongoing process.
  • Installation and training can be carried out whether at our manufacturing sites or at user’s locality upon request.
  • Sales repay and commission is negotiated between ifluidtec and agencies.