How to establish a extraction production?

We take many aspects into consideration during extraction project design, and each step is discussed with engineer and production personnel from the user’s side, try our best to avoid misunderstanding and less trouble in future installation and commission. 
Material and data collection includes project design, factory general layout, factory working area blueprint, production workflow, material balance calculation, energy change calculation, equipment design, model finalization, budgeting plan.
To have general info. of a certain project
Establish a project name, code.
Project location
Design basis
1. raw material
2. extraction method and solvents
3. extraction capacity as per hour, per day, per year continuous working
4. extraction duration and temperature(adjustable)
5. Solid/liquid ratio
6. General description of the workflow.
Clear the quotation coverage, separate the responsibility of each party.
Revision and Amendment 
The design plan and URS are updated and improved upon further discussion.