Beer Wine Brewing System


Beer Wine Brewing System

Beer Wine Brewing Tank to meet yeast brewing and fermenting, applying in beer, red wine, wine fermentation industry.


Design Parameter
Size: 10L-5000L or even bigger range to be tailor made.
Pressure: upon user’s requirement, -0.09mpa~1mpa or even bigger range to be tailor made.
Temperature: upon user’s requirement, -40℃~160℃ or even bigger range to be tailor made.
Both will be bigger range than actual working pressure and temperature.

Beer Wine Brewing Tank Parameter Table

Manufacture Standards
Manufacturing conforms to GB150-2011 the national pressure vessel standard of China.
Welding conforms to NB/T 47003.1-2009 steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel standard of China.
Outside of China, Extra certificate such as ASME, CE are available upon request.

Manufacture Material
Inner liner contacting material: 304/316L optional
Insulation: PU or rock wool (to insulate inside/outside heat transfer)
Cladding/outer layer: 304

Surface Finish:
Inside tank/vessel/reactor/kettle is mirror well-polished to 0.3μm.
Outside tank/vessel/reactor/kettle can be mirror polish, matte polish.

Configuration/Accessories Options:
Filters (air filter, material filter)
Thermometer (mechanical pin type or digital type)
Gauges/meters (vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, flowmeter, PH tester and etc.)
Sight glasses (regular, pressured type, with led light type)
Manhole/hand hole
Inlet/outlet (number, size, position can be customized)
CIP cleaning ball (180°,360° rotating spray clean)
Sanitary valves (ball valve, butterfly valves, safety valves, regulation valves, diaphragm valves to be chosen as per materials)
Other extra requirement is open for inquiries.


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