Lenticular Filter For Purification


Stainless Steel Lenticular Filter

Stainless Steel Lenticular Filter
JTGDB large cake filter is a new type of deep filter, which can be used to replace the diatomaceous earth filter to filter and clarify small impurities in various liquids. The overall structure of the purification treatment is designed and manufactured in accordance with sanitary requirements, and there is no residue in the material liquid. , It is very easy to clean, high-precision polishing; adopts a bottom-in and bottom-out structure design to effectively avoid the turbulent flow of the material and improve the filtration performance.
The JTGDB large cake filter is equipped with a maximum of 4 filter cakes as standard, which can meet the filtering requirements of large flow.

Operation Conditions: 
Max. Operation Pressure: 0.6-1.0Mpa
Max. Temperature: 150℃
Main Manufacturing Material: 304 or 316L as optional
Sealing ring& gasket: EPDM, PTFE, VITON, SILICA
Surface Finish: 1# mechanical polishing; 2# electrolytic polishing; 3# sand blasting, can choose
Polishing: 0.3μm inside, 0.4μm outside.
Ultra-high level of polishing inside uses 0.3μm, the outer shell is 0.4μm, sanitary degree.

Suitable for various kinds of liquid particle filtering.
Using in edible oil, beverage, wine filtration.
Used as chemical filters.
And compressors, pumps, instrumentation, and other equipment-filtering and protection.

Dimension and Parameters and Size (customize upon requirement)
Stainless Steel Lenticular Filter Dimension


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