Oil Cold Press Hydraulic

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Hydraulic Cold Oil Press

Hydraulic Oil Cold Press Description
The hydraulic oil press machine is a new type of equipment, especially for pressing edible oil. It completely replaces the manual and backward equipment in the past. A new hydraulic oil press saves a lot of labor work and time and cost.

The automatic hydraulic oil press is of simple operation, high oil yield, less wearing parts. It is the current advanced equipment to replace the small grinding sesame oil. Advanced manufacturing technology, beautiful appearance, economic and environmental protection, stable performance, compact design, and small size only 1㎡ space is need.

Working Principle
The hydraulic system provides the main power for the machine to pushes the piston in the hydraulic press chamber to extrude the material upward, then the oil is extruded out. Total mechanical press, no contamination of foreign objects.

Hydraulic Oil Press Features  
1. Using the new supercharging technology and a two-stage supercharged safety protection system to ensure safe use.
2. Adopts hard chrome plating process, the machine surface keeps shiny for a longer time.
3. The hydraulic cylinder is precise, the bearing pressure is large, is better than other machines of 40mpa, with a stable and reliable performance.
4. Oil press and its main components are strong, will deform under high pressure.
◆Safe protection
①Flat iron and two big screws made of alloy, fix the top plate, reduce friction, and open the top plate more easily.
②Electric contact pressure gauge, when the maximum pressure is exceeded, the machine will automatically release the pressure and cycle, to ensure machine safety.
③Motor protection cover, overload motor protection.

Oil yield: Perfect oil line design inside and outside the pressing kettle ensure a higher oil yield. And the max pressure of our machine is 60Mpa, higher working pressure offers more power to the machine, make sure the oil comes out quickly.

Piston: Our pistons are solid, so our machines will be heavier and produce more oil.

Hydraulic Oil Press Capacity Table

Oil Yield by Hydraulic Oil Cold Press
This oil cold press is applicable for various types of raw material, such as to get olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil; as well as material like soybean, peanut, sesame, sunflower, corn germ, walnut, almond, cashew, cottonseed, castor seed, grape seed, camellia seed, mustard seed, perilla seed, flaxseed, and rapeseed.




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