Liquid Flow Filter Bag


Liquid Flow Filter Bag

Liquid Flow Filter Bags are constantly needed spare parts to replace in liquid process, applicable in industries like food, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical, daily healthcare, cosmetics and etc. For various usage, we need to choose the right one among different sizes, shapes, and materials.

PE and PP filter bag Characteristics  
Polypropylene (shorten as PP) polyester ( shorten as PE) filter bag
a. Such raw material can make the multi-layer structure, allow the filter bag to be foldable, compatible for deep filtration. And such a structure results in a relatively bigger filtering capacity and flow rate.
b. The deep filtration structure with a large filtering area has a longer life service and high filtering capacity.
c. Inside the filtering bag, the pressure difference of max. and min. is small thus it has a longer service time.
d. PE or PE, we use sanitary material, have high filtering ability, and are good at oil absorption.
e. Wide chemical compatibility, suitable for a variety of filtration working conditions.
Application: PP and PE filter bags are widely applicable in the production of methanol and biofuels, water treatment, and filtration in medicine, food and beverage, fine chemicals, electronics, and other industries.

NMO Nylon Filter Bag Feature 
a. Using the nylon monofilament welding technique, the filter is not easy to be deformed, and the tensile strength is high.
b. Net structure with fixed pore size, material flow through the poles with the relatively same amount, such the filtering stability is better.
c. edge of the filtering bag is has the liner strengthened, so that the sealing ring structure is stronger.
d. It is suitable for filtering liquid of high viscosity or has hard particles inside.
e. It is better for coarse filtration with a lower precision requirement.
Application: Nylon NMO filter bags can be used in food and beverages, vitamin chain lifters, filter aids and filtration in beer, recovery of expensive active raw materials, high-grade UV coatings, high-viscosity coatings, resins for circuit boards, high-grade lubricants, the filtrate of the bag gel, etc.

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