Liquid Filter Element& Filter Cartridge


Liquid Filter Element& Filter Cartridge

Liquid Filter Element& Filter Cartridge are constantly used spare parts in the liquid process and treatment, applicable in industries like food, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical, daily healthcare, cosmetics and etc. For various usage, we need to choose the right one among different sizes, shapes, and materials.

PP Filter Element Cartridge Characteristics
a. Outstanding chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acids, strong alkalies, and organic solvents;
b. The filter membrane is a deep-layer filtration, with a large membrane filtration area;
c. Low-pressure difference, long service life;
d. There are a variety of filter precision to choose from;
e. FDA certified materials.
Application: The PP Filter Cartridge is widely used in the below areas:
a. R.O. reverse osmosis filtration for drinking water filtration of people’s livelihood;
b. for the filtration of acid and alkali liquids in industrial chemical processes;
c. Filtration of industrial water and electroplating solution;
d. Pre-filtration treatment of sterile water and ultrapure water;
e. Filtration of chemical raw materials and organic solvents.

PES Filter Element Cartridge Feature 
a. Has good high-temperature resistance, acid, and alkali resistance;
b. The filter membrane has good hydrophilicity and high flux;
c. No medium falling off, in line with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries;
d. Each filter element is tested by the integrity detector and rinsed with high-purity water.
e. Filtration of chemical raw materials and organic solvents.
Application: The PES Filter Element is widely used in the below areas:
a. Terminal filtration of pharmaceuticals and biological products;
b. Final filtration of drinking water, beverages, ultra-pure water, alcohol, and other liquids;
c. Filtration of chemical raw materials.

Filter Element Cartridge Parameter

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