Supercritical Fluid Extraction Machine Application



Supercritical Fluid Extraction Machine Application

Due to Supercritical CO2 Extraction System, advantageous performance: clean, efficient, low temperature, non-pollution,  solvent recyclable. It is widely used to extract biological ingredients for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

♦ Supercritical CO2 extract at low temperature, ideal for heat-sensitive material extraction and purification.

♦ The Closed-loop system providing an inert environment to avoid oxidation and non-affection of effective ingredients.

♦ Efficient CO2 extractor, environment-friendly, no-toxicity, no-flammable, safe operation.

♦ No solvent residue, no nitrate, and heavy metal ions, saving refinement of the whole process.

Versatile Application 


Chrysanthemum-oil-extractionClove -Oil-extractiontomato-Lycopene-extractionEvening-Primrose-oil-extraction



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