Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment| Industrial& Big Size



Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment| Industrial& Big Size

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine
Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine works under very high pressure, with extracting solvent(mainly CO2) to get effective ingredients from raw material. The supercritical extractor system device mainly consists of extraction kettle, separation kettle, CO2 high-pressure pump, entrained pump, refrigeration system, CO2 storage tank, heat exchange system, purification system, flow meter, temperature control system, safety protection device and the like.

Why choose CO2 as an extracting solvent?
CO2 as a commonly existed gas in the atmosphere, it is considered clean and safe. There will be no poisonous side products or pollution generated during or after extraction. And it will be separated from extracts in the gaseous status, so we can say there is almost no solvent residue in extracts after the process. Due to the property of CO2 in its supercritical fluid status, it can bring out the effective ingredients as much as possible; and meanwhile is applicable to a variety of natural raw materials, thus it is versatile. By controlling the extraction temperature and pressure needed during extracting and separating, CO2 can bring out many kinds of end products. Carbon dioxide is also stable, non-flammable and non-combustible.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment Simple Sketch


Supercritical CO2 Oil Extractor Characteristics


Big Industrial 300L CO2 Extractor Parameter

1 Extraction Tank 6 Volume: 50Lx6Max working Pressure 40MPa
2 Separation Tank 2 Volume: 20Lx2Max working Pressure: 30MPa
3 CO2 high-pressure pump 1 1200L/Hour, 40MPa, pumps head with cooling system
4 Co-solvent pump 1 0.25-30L/H, 40MPa (Mechanical adjustable)
5 Chiller 1 Temperature range: -5℃~+5℃
6 Heating Exchange System 1 Max working Pressure: 40MPa
7 Purification System 1 Max working Pressure: 40MPa
8 CO2 Storage Tank 1 Max working Pressure: 16MPa
9 Flowrate Meter 1 Model: Metal tube float (10~100L/H)
10 Temperature Control System 1 Temperature Range: Room temperature~75℃
11 CO2 Recovery System 1 Take out the rest CO2 inside the system and also can take out the left CO2 inside the CO2 bottles when the pressure is lower than 4MPa.
12 Safety Devices Pressure gauge at high pressure pump outlet, over pressure protectionThe extractor, separator, evaporator, dry purifier and mixer have safety valve to keep safe of system.
13 User-supplied Power: 3 phaseCO2: Food grade ≥99.5%, single bottle net weight ≥22KgFood grade alcohol ≥99.5%Installation dimension: 12600x9000x5000mm


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