Butane Extraction Machine Parameter and Application



Butane Extraction Machine Parameter and Application

Butane Extraction Equipment Parameter
Thanks for checking out our Subcritical Butane Extraction Machine, quality is our culture, our mission is to make your research more accurate & efficient. We have different models butane extractor for lab size and industrial production size from 5L per batch to tons process capacity per day of continuous extraction and separation.


Main Components in A Full Set Butane Extractor

Extraction Tank: where the raw material be put into to soak into the solvent for a while, let solvent penetrate raw material(the plant or herbs normally is crushed into grain or powder status before putting into the tank). Filtering bag is used to hold crushed raw material. E.G. 150 liter extractor can hold about 100Liter raw material at most, approximately 10 bags inside.

Evaporating Tank(also called separator): The separation of solvent and wanted ingredients takes place inside this kettle. The solvent becomes gas again and goes back to the solvent storage tank gradually while the effective ingredients will accumulate in this tank.

Solvent Tank: a tank to store extracting solvent, so the solvent will circulate during the extraction and separation process.

Hot water pump and vacuum pump: the whole system needs a balance for water temperature and vacuum pressure. Compressor, valve flange, pipe fittings, and electric cabinet

All the above parts consist together to fulfill systems to make the extraction process happen: raw material extraction system, oil mixture evaporation system, Hot water circulation system, Compressor operating system, and Solvent separation system

Butane, Propane and Other Commonly Seen Subcritical Fluids Property
By understanding the physical and chemical characteristics of different extracting solvent, the user can choose the right one to extract out the most effective ingredients they want. Take the most advantage of polar extremity. Solvents are not limited to the below types.

Butane Extraction Machine Technical Advantages

1. Complete materials extraction and dissolve at room temperature, the heat-sensitive components in oils and meals would not thermotropy, achieving the quality of extraction and separation for protein, pigment, medicinal herbs, and volatile oil products;
2. Less solvent consumption, per ton of raw material, consumes solvent below 8 kg;
3. Energy conservation, relative to the conventional hexane extraction, heat energy saving of 70%;

What Plant Can Butane Extraction Evaporation Machine Extract?

Chrysanthemum-oil-extractionClove -Oil-extractionFlaxseed-extractiontomato-Lycopene-extraction


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