Cannabis Crude Oil Centrifugal Extractor


Cannabis Crude Oil Centrifugal Extractor

Cannabis Crude Oil Centrifugal Extractor
CE series ethanol centrifugal extraction equipment has been tested to be efficient in extracting hemp, cannabis leaves. With pre-cooled alcohol running through the centrifugal device, alcohol penetrated into chopped material, and then under the force of centrifugal, the effective ingredient is getting. The operation is easy too.

Ethanol Centrifugal Extractor Characteristics
1. Batch production and operation, the centrifugal time can be long and short upon material need.
2. Suitable for a low-temperature ethanol hemp extraction process.
3. Very easy to operate and maintain, and customization is available.
4. User-friendly and safe to the operator. The enclosed design of motor and transmission parts ensures safe operation.
5. Advanced control system and HMI operation interface to achieve single operation.
6. Comply with the latest standards, directives, and GMP requirements.
7. Modular design, very little installation need at users on-site.
8. Centrifugal has a vacuum jacket design, ultra low-temperature extraction of -60℃.
9. Strong sealing structure design to achieve reliable sealing of bearing.
10. 316L material, EPDM food-grade seal.
11. Sanitary design, internal Ra≤ 0.2um, without any dead corner.
12. Optional automatic valves are available for automatic control of material feeding and discharging.

Ethanol Centrifugal Extractor

After the centrifugal extraction, there comes the filtering process. So to make a system or an extraction line, users need more auxiliary equipment to finish the whole process. The other equipment can be
Pre-cooling tank for alcohol, to shorten extraction preparing time.
Ultra low-temperature chiller to provide low-temperature solvent during hemp cannabis extraction.
Lenticular filter
Storage Tank
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