Stainless Steel Vacuum Evaporator


Vacuum Evaporator| Pressure Reducing Concentration Tank

Different Types of Vacuum Concentrator(Vacuum Evaporator)
This equipment is suitable for the evaporation and concentration of traditional Chinese medicine extracts, fruit juices, fine chemical solutions, etc. It is also can be used for the evaporation and recovery of organic solvents. Widely applied in pharmaceutical, biological, food, chemical and other industries. According to different materials, the concentrator shape and fittings will re-design and change upon actual application.

Vacuum Evaporator Structure
The concentration system is mainly composed of a concentration tank, a gas-liquid separator, a condenser, and a liquid receiving tank. The concentrating tank is built with the jacket structure, and the condenser is of shell and tube type.


Vacuum Concentrator Performance Characteristics
1. The concentrator is heated through the jacket under the principle of that lower pressure, lower evaporating point, and fast evaporation speed. So usually the vacuum pump is adopted to reduce pressure as much as possible. And vacuum can break foam or bubble that generated during evaporation if there is any.

2. The vacuum concentrator has a compact structure, convenient operation, Especially the ball shape concentrator can get a more condensed liquid result than other types of concentration.

3. The vacuum evaporator material contact parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance, meets the requirements of medicine and food hygiene, and can meet GMP requirements.

4. The agitator can be installed to the evaporation tank to increase evaporation speed, prevent the material from sticking together, and reduce foam generated speed.

5. The instruments, valves, and sight glasses are reasonably configured for easy operation.

Ball Shape Vacuum Evaporator Parameter

Vacuum Decompression Evaporator Parameter


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