Magnetic Filter For Liquid


Magnetic Filter For Liquid with Stainless Steel Housing

Magnetic Filter For Liquid with Stainless Steel Housing

Magnetic Filter For Liquid with Stainless Steel Housing is applied to the fluid, semifluid and other different viscous fluid materials, remove the iron impurities and other ferromagnetic particles. To keep the material clean and protect the downstream production equipment at the same time.
Magnetic Fluid Filter Housing using multichannel polishing processing to ensure the interface Ra reaches 0.6μm close to sanitary level. All of the surfaces is mirror polished.

Operation Conditions

Max. Operation Pressure: 0.6-1.0Mpa.
Max. Temperature: 150℃.
Main Manufacturing Material: 304 or 316L as optional.
Sealing Ring& Gasket: EPDM, PTFE, VITON, SILICA
Surface Finish: 1# mechanical polishing; 2# electrolytic polishing; 3# sand blasting, can choose
Polishing: ≤0.6μm inside, ≤0.8μm outside.
Connection of Shell: Tri-clamp, Flange.
Connection of In-outlet: Tri-clamp,Flange,Thread.


Magnetic filters can be used in industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, papermaking, dyes, cosmetics, electroplating, and metallurgy. The structure is reasonable, can effectively filter out the iron in the fluid or semi-fluid material, and does not hinder the flow of the material. The ingredient magazine protects the main equipment from damage.

Magnetic Filter For Liquid Series

There are 5 series of magnetic filters, 1R represents the number of magnets is 1. Customers can choose according to the size, length of the magnets, or shell material, connection method, and inlet and outlet connection methods.



Magnetic Filter Dimension


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