Precise Sanitary Filter For Liquid


Precise Sanitary Filter For Liquid


JSLPF precision liquid filter is a large flow multi-core sanitary liquid filter, which can meet the requirements of different flow rates.
The overall structure is compact and time-saving. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with sanitary requirements. The structure has no sanitary corners, meets the requirements of “GMP” specifications, and is easy to clean; it drains thoroughly and has no concerns about residual liquid.
For some very demanding applications, the faceplate of the filter can be made detachable to achieve no dead-angle cleaning.

Operation Conditions

Max. Operation Pressure: 0.6-1.0Mpa.
Max. Temperature: 150℃.
Online or steam sterilization: 121℃/30min.
Material of Shell and Valves: 304 or 316L as optional.
Cartridge Siza: 20″,30″,40″.
Sealing Ring& Gasket: EPDM, PTFE, VITON, SILICA.
Surface Finish: 1# mechanical polishing; 2# electrolytic polishing; 3# sand blasting, can choose.
Polishing: ≤0.3μm inside, ≤0.4μm outside.
Connection of Shell: Flange (eyebolt).
Connection of In-outlet, valve, and instruments: Tri-clamp.
Connection of Cartridges: 222 type, 226 type

Precise Sanitary Filter For Liquid Structure

The housing of the filter with more than 15 cores can adopt the rotating arm + eye bolt or quick-opening design, which is easy to operate and economical.


Precise Sanitary Filter For Liquid Dimension


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